Watch the trailer for Miley Cyrus' “Black Mirror” episode


NetflixThe trailer for Miley Cyrus’ episode of Black Mirror has been released.

The episode of the Netflix anthology series is titled “Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too” and revolves around a lonely teenage girl who longs to connect with her favorite pop star, played by Miley. But the pop star’s life may not be as charmed as it seems.

In the trailer, Miley’s character Ashley, a purple-haired singer, unveils a mini-robot version of herself called Ashley Too. The teenage fan buys Ashley Too, which talks to her with encouraging messages like “Believe in yourself.” As we see Ashley’s pop star fantasy unraveling, Ashley Too develops a mind of its own.

Miley’s Black Mirror episode is one of three this season, which will debut on Netflix June 5. The other episodes are titled “Striking Vipers” and “Smithereens.”

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