Kincade Fire in Pictures

KSRO’s Mike DeWald and Dano took a drive through affected areas of the Kincade Fire on Oct 28, starting at Faught Road, up to the Russian River in Healdsburg and over to Calistgoa on Highway 128.  While they observed one destroyed residence, many appeared to have fencing damage but the main structures appeared undamaged.  Take a look below at some of the visuals of the Kincade Fire.

A power pole along Highway 128 near Ida Clayton Road. Burned at the base, apparently sawed in half. (Photo: Dano)
A melted wheel at a residence on Chalk Hill Road. (Photo: Dano)
A stark contrast in damaged and undamaged vineyards at a residence on Chalk Hill Road. (Photo: Dano)
A large yard on Chalk Hill Road littered with burnt vehicles, but the nearby residence seemed undamaged. (Photo: Dano)
A large hole punched in the door of Chalk’s Bend Vineyard, perhaps by firefighters while searching the residence for civilians. (Photo: Dano)
Damage to an outdoor living space at the Chalk’s Bend Vineyard on Chalk Hill Road but the building appeared undamaged. (Photo: Dano)
Only a fireplace remains of a residence on Briggs Ranch Road and Highway 128. (Photo: Dano)
A tree burns in an area of Ida Clayton Road at Highway 128. Several other smoking spots seen in the area, but fire crews passed by as it was apparently under control (Photo: Dano)
A power pole and power line seen fallen on Highway 128 just north of Calistoga. (Photo: Dano)
A tree seen fallen on a power line on Highway 128 just north of Calistoga. (Photo: Dano)
A smoke red sun as seen from Mark West Springs road. (Photo: Dano)
Smoke obscures visibility of nearby ridges as seen from Highway 128 near Calistoga. (Photo: Dano)
A line of bulldozers used to make firebreaks seen along Mark West Springs Road. (Photo: Dano)
Bright pink fire retardant covers a roof on Bailhache Ave near the Russian River. (Photo: Dano)