“Do it right this time”: New Kids on the Block ready to reboot their Magic Summer tour

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Back in 1990, New Kids on the Block launched their Magic Summer Tour. It was a huge success, but the group didn’t enjoy it at all. They felt a disconnect, like they were just going through the motions. That’s why on June 14, NKOTB is launching their Magic Summer 2024 tour, and as group member Danny Wood says, “We’re going to do it right this time.”

“We want to keep most of it a surprise for June 14, but we’ll definitely do enough of the new record,” Danny tells ABC Audio, referring to their latest release, Still Kids. “People want to hear the hits. We’re going to do all of that, and it’ll be just a fun, nostalgic night.”

Adding to the ’90s nostalgia are the opening acts: Paula Abdul — who the group hopes will join them for a song — and DJ Jazzy Jeff.

“It’s funny. We used to [do radio tours] with Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff … when we both were first starting,” says Jordan Knight. “So we would always be backstage with both of them, and we would just talk about life on the road and music and everything else. And so it’s going to be kind of like a reunion for us.”

As for what they’re most looking forward to about the production, Joey McIntyre says, “We always try to mix it up, keep it fresh for us and try different things. So we got some stuff cooking up that we’re excited to try out.”

“I think you want to surprise yourself and take chances and so you can feel a little bit nervous, you know what I mean?” he adds. “Those moments are important, along with all those hits that we can do, you know, not in our sleep, but they’re in our bones.”

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