Watch now: Halsey releases “Graveyard” video starring 'Euphoria's' Sydney Sweeney

Capitol Records

Capitol RecordsHalsey’s conceptual, interconnecting music videos are back.

The singer has released the video for “Graveyard,” co-starring Euphoria’s Sydney Sweeney, and it appears to be only one part of larger journey.

The clip begins with Halsey sitting on a bed sketching Sydney’s likeness. We then see Halsey and Sydney frolicking through a dream-like empty amusement park. At one point, Halsey break away and explores a room behind a curtain, where she finds an aquarium — the same aquarium she danced through with her brother, Sevian, in the “Clementine” video.

Halsey finds herself submerged in water and when she surfaces, she’s suddenly alone in the amusement park, which has been wiped of all color. The video ends with Halsey in the same bedroom in which she started, staring at a blank sketchbook.

So what just happened? As Halsey tweeted following the video’s release Tuesday, “Let your imagination run wild.” We’re predicting her next video might fill in some of the blanks.

Halsey’s previous music videos for her hopeless fountain kingdom era also were all part of the same storyline.

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