Ariana Grande revisits “thank u, next” video for new fragrance promo

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LUXE BrandsAriana Grande‘s single “thank u, next” and its instantly iconic video were so successful that the singer named her new perfume thank u, next. Now, she’s revisited the video and its stars for a hilarious promo for the fragrance.

Just like the “thank u, next” video, the promo features a Mean Girls-style montage of students — and a Bring It On cheerleader — spreading rumors about Ari’s new fragrance.

“I heard Ariana has a new perfume,” gushes Colleen Ballinger, who played a pregnant teen in the original video. Now holding a baby, she says, “Supposedly she uses juicy raspberries in it, so I’ve only been eating juicy raspberries for months, so my breast milk will taste like her perfume smells.”

“Well I heard she swam with actual mermaids in the Bermuda Triangle, to convince them to give her the velvety musk of their new sea god!” another student exclaims. 

“We heard how she went to space to find the best pears for her lil’ fragrance,” says the cheerleader. “She shoulda just come to Compton!”

Ari, also dressed as a cheerleader, interjects, “Are you sure it was pear? ‘Cause I heard it was coconut.” 

Next, we see Ariana, still dressed as a cheerleader, saying, “Honestly, I’m not the biggest Ariana Grande fan, but I do hear the new fragrance is…somewhat promising.”

“I heard she put part of her ponytail in it!” says a student. We then see Ari do just that, cutting off a chunk of her iconic pony and putting it into a perfume distiller. 

We then see blonde Ari in her bedroom with her Burn Book, in which she writes, “THAT fragrance got the other girls shaking.”

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