Read Ally Brooke's “Lips”: “I'm feel like I'm thriving and I found my confidence”

Latium Entertainment/Atlantic Records

Latium Entertainment/Atlantic Records

After the success of her first official solo single, “Low Key,” Ally Brooke of Fifth Harmony is now out with a new single, “Lips Don’t Lie,” which highlights her sexy, sultry side.

I couldn’t wait for people to hear the way I sang this…I kind of use a different, airy, breathy tone,” Ally tells ABC Radio. “I love this record so much. As soon as I heard it, I knew, ‘This is the one for me.’ I had to have it, and I have it now, which is really awesome!”

Ally also enjoyed making the video, which features extreme close-ups of her lips coated in various shades of dark purple, red, pink and glitter.  She didn’t even mind that her hair kept getting stuck to her lips and the glitter wouldn’t stay put.

“It was messy…glitter specks from the glitter lips got on my face, so we had to be really meticulous and clean it up, but it was still fun,” she laughs.

The song’s title, Ally says, is definitely a nod to Shakira‘s “Hips Don’t Lie.”

“I’m a huge fan of Shakira….my fans know that,” she explains. “This song was originally called ‘Lips’ and then I think the writers were like, ‘Oh let’s call it “Lips Don’t Lie,” because that’s the main tag of the song, and it just so happens to mirror ‘Hips Don’t Lie.'”

After her time in Fifth Harmony, Ally says her newfound solo career is a dream come true.

I really feel like everything led up to this moment in my life, and I feel like I’m thriving and found my confidence…after so long,” she gushes. “I found who Ally is and I’m out there representing myself and thank God people are liking it and listening.”

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