James Bay says surprise EP “Oh My Messy Mind” is “super-honest, raw and real”

Republic Records

Republic RecordsJames Bay surprised fans this past Friday by dropping a new EP called Oh My Messy Mind. It features four songs, including his duet with Julia Michaels, “Peer Pressure,” and his new single, “Bad.”  James says these days, it’s almost a requirement for artists to continually release new material.

“The atmosphere at the moment is, like, ‘more is more,'” James told ABC Radio at a taping of an upcoming segment for VEVO. “I want to play into the hands of that — everybody does.  But you wanna makes sure you’re giving out the absolute best stuff that you have.”

Calling the release a “surprise attack,” James says he made a last minute decision to put out all four new songs — “Peer Pressure,” “Bad,” “Rescue” and “Break My Heart Right” —  instead of just releasing “Bad.”

“It was fun to kinda know there was no pressure,” he explains. “It was, ‘Y’know, I think I’m gonna do the whole EP and just give you guys a load of new music to listen to.'”

James says he wanted fans to have the new music because he’s going to be touring so much in the near future. In fact, he kicks off a stint opening for Ed Sheeran on Ed’s European stadium tour on May 24.

As for whether or not these four songs, some of which are very stripped-down, are an indication of where he’s going musically, James explains, “I think it’s just ‘James Bay Right Now’ —  but I think it’s wrong to feel like it’s not an indication of where I’m going as well.” 

“I just want it to be super-honest and direct and very raw and real,” he notes. “So that’s all where I’m at right now.” 

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