Watch now: Kids and puppies battle it out with cupcakes in Harry Styles’ “Kiwi” video

Hélène Marie Pambrun

Hélène Marie PambrunTensions run high at the school bake sale in Harry Styles’ latest video for “Kiwi.”

The clip begins with a bunch of impeccably dressed children standing around their school auditorium, grimacing at each other over colorfully decorated baked goods. The tension is broken when a girl enters the auditorium armed with a container of blue frosted cupcakes.

A massive food fight erupts, and suddenly Harry enters — with a pack of hungry puppies.

The video ends with all the students — now messy with frosting — posing for a school photo with Harry in the middle, giving a mischievous smirk.

And in case you were concerned, the beginning of the video has the disclaimer: “No children or animals were harmed during the making of this film.”

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