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Melissa McCarthy FOR THE WIN!


Melissa McCarthy took on Jimmy Fallon in a lip sync battle and she OWNED HIM!

Sonoma County Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day!


Check out how our wonderful listeners celebrated the big green holiday!

Ariana Grande’s Impression of Jennifer Lawrence is HILARIOUS!


This past weekend, Ariana Grande was on SNL as the host and musical guest and she killed it!I


Stacey Tries Fast-Pitch Baseball

Stacey had only played lob softball before today. Watch her step in the fast-pitch cage!

Gravitational Waves Explained!

This week scientists were finally able to confirm the existence of gravitational waves, which is HUGE news if you know science! But if you're NOT a scientist (like us) but want to know why this is such

Controversial Super Bowl Ad

This local anti-heroin PSA ran in St. Louis during the Super Bowl. Super-serious topic, but many are saying the tone is odd, to say the least. Check it out

Courtney’s Experience at LaserVue Eye Center!

LaserVue Banner

Check out Courtney's experience at LaserVue Eye Center HERE!

Crane Collapse in NYC


A huge crane just collapsed in downtown New York City. Click HERE for the full story and video.