All of the AWESOMENESS of Comic Con

Comic Con

Sooo…we didn't get to go to SD Comic Con BUT we did hear all the awesome announcements!

Every year Comic Con releases tons of trailers, announcements, surprises and so much more, so we've tried to bunch them all together so it felt like you were there too!

My favorite, of course: The Walking Dead Season 7 trailer

A new Blair Witch movie….?! WHAT?!

Love Daredevil and Jessica Jones? Then you have to check out Luke Cage. It comes to Netflix on September 30th.

New Suicide Squad trailer!! So excited for this one!

King Kong is back! Kong: Skulll Island 

Hit TV Show Lucifer is back

NSFW: New Family Guy clips

It was a big week for Marvel. New series to Netflix called The Defenders


Are you surprised? More Marvel!!! Iron Fist coming to Netflix soon

Wonder Woman FINALLY gets her own movie!

A first look at season 5 of Arrow.


Captain Marvel announced….BRIE LARSON!



OBVIOUSLY there are a million other videos we can show you, but these are our favorites. Makes you kinda feel like you were there huh?