Awkward Things Said in Bed

Posted By: Stacey K and Jonah · 7/22/2014 10:28:00 AM

Stacey's ex said one of the most awkward things ever when they were in bed, but Amber's story starts before they even made it into the bedroom. Listen--->

Stacey was Sexted

Posted By: Stacey K and Jonah · 7/11/2014 12:09:00 PM

The other day Stacey received a very forward, very sexual text about her chest, so naturally they thought the best person to talk to about it was Stacey's mom! Listen--->

"I Went to Get a Taco and Instead I got a Wife"

Posted By: Stacey K and Jonah · 6/27/2014 10:10:00 AM

Stacey and Jonah were talking about their weirdest drive-thru experiences when Kevin called to tell a story about nudity, jail, tacos, and marraige. Listen--->

Romance on Craigslist?

Posted By: Stacey K and Jonah · 6/25/2014 10:35:00 AM

Stacey recently had a friend ask her if she would consider looking on Craigslist for a date! She thought the idea was crazy until Rachael called. Listen --->

Insult or Pickup Line: World Cup Edition

Posted By: Stacey K and Jonah · 6/18/2014 11:55:00 AM

Sonoma-Marin Fair tickets are on the line and we asked Andi to decipher some sentences said in the languages or World Cup teams. Are they insults or pickup lines? Listen--->

Kid Twist Concert Venue!

Posted By: Stacey K and Jonah · 6/6/2014 10:12:00 AM

As you may have heard, Jonah is reuniting with his high school band, Kid Twist, for a one night, two song show on Thursday June 12th, but they need a venue. Bill from Stout Brothers came through! Listen --->

Fun with Helium

Posted By: Stacey K and Jonah · 5/28/2014 12:31:00 PM

Recently Morgan Freeman was narrating a TV show and sucked some helium, which sounded HILARIOUS, so Stacey K & Jonah invented the Helium-inator: a machine that can process any voice to be on helium. Naturally they turned some of Hollywood's most iconic movie lines into, well, listen ---->

Jonah's Revenge (Drive-Thru Mad Libs)

Posted By: Stacey K and Jonah · 5/22/2014 9:22:00 AM

Last week Stacey got Jonah to order at a drive-thru while sneaking in 5 very awkward words. This week it was Stacey that had to go, and her words were even worse. Listen --->

Craziest Thing You've Overheard

Posted By: Stacey K and Jonah · 5/20/2014 8:33:00 AM

Stacey has overheard some crazy stuff in her life. The other day she was on the phone with her friend while she told her husband she wanted a divorce, and as crazy as that sounds, it almost pales in comparison to the time she and her whole family overheard her mom's friend having sex! Listen ---->

Stacey & Jonah Talk with Sgt. Johnson

Posted By: Stacey K and Jonah · 5/16/2014 10:12:00 AM

The theme for this year's Rosa Parade is Heroes & Helpers, so in honor of that theme Stacey & Jonah talked to Sgt. Johnson from the RPPD about one of the craziest rescues his department completed. Listen--->

Drive-Thru Mad Libs

Posted By: Stacey K and Jonah · 5/16/2014 10:08:00 AM

This morning Stacey thought it would be fun to send Jonah through a drive-thru and make him sneak strange words into his order. It sounds weird and awkward, which it was, but it was also pretty hilarious. Listen ---->

Mother's Day Mom Quiz

Posted By: Stacey K and Jonah · 5/8/2014 9:25:00 AM

In honor of Mother's Day, Jonah was asked some questions about his mom, Susan. Then they brought her on to see how well he did! Listen---->

Could Stacey & Jonah Survive the SATs?

Posted By: Stacey K and Jonah · 5/6/2014 11:47:00 AM

A lot of students are graduating and heading off to college, so Stacey K & Jonah were wondering if they would still be able to do well on that all-important test: the SATS. Listen--->

Do Guys Send Too Many D*** Pics?

Posted By: Stacey K and Jonah · 4/29/2014 9:30:00 AM

The other day Jonah's friend - out of the blue - sent him a picture of his junk. He had heard guys send them unsolicited but he never experienced it before! Listen to how many pics this woman and her friend received! ---->

Cougar Commercial

Posted By: Stacey K and Jonah · 4/25/2014 9:43:00 AM

This morning Jonah was trying to convince Stacey to go on a date with a much younger guy she met online. To try and prove his point, he enlisted the help of a 23 year-old sales guy at the station to help him write the ultimate cougar commercial.

Stacey K & Jonah's Peep Show

Posted By: Stacey K and Jonah · 4/18/2014 11:38:00 AM

Things got weird in the studio when Stacey & Jonah tried to see how many marshmallow Peeps they could fit in their mouths in honor of Easter... Listen --->

Always Buy Women Drinks?

Posted By: Stacey K and Jonah · 4/14/2014 11:41:00 AM

Jonah was out at a bar when he ran into a girl he had taken out on a few dates. In their conversation she mentioned that he had never bought her a drink. Now Jonah had taken her out on multiple dates and paid for everything, but didn't buy her a drink the last time he ran into her. Does he needs to buy her a drink every time he sees her? Listen ---->

Are White Cars Just for Women?

Posted By: Stacey K and Jonah · 4/11/2014 10:58:00 AM

Recently Jonah has been getting a lot of flack for his white car, and it turns out he's the only guy he knows who drives one! This raises the question: Are white cars for women only? Listen --->

Teacher Fired Over Facebook

Posted By: Stacey K and Jonah · 4/11/2014 9:58:00 AM

A 79 year-old substitute teacher was fired because she wouldn't un-friend her students on Facebook (story HERE). Stacey & Jonah talked to some parents and teachers about their feelings on student-teacher Facebook relationships and their answers might surprise you! Listen ---->

Horrible at Something Easy

Posted By: Stacey K and Jonah · 4/8/2014 1:02:00 PM

Last week Jonah was so bad playing pool he literally had to apologize to his partner after every turn. He didn't make in a SINGLE ball. That got them talking about being awful at something most people have no problem doing. This woman had Jonah's story beat easily. Listen ---->