Shawn Mendes crashes “Late Late Show” monologue on second night of week-long residency

Terence Patrick / CBS Broadcasting, Inc.The Late Late Show is officially The Late Late Shawn — or that’s what Shawn Mendes thinks. 

On the second night of his week-long residency at The Late Late Show, Mendes attempted to deliver the opening monologue before James Corden stormed on the stage, accusing him of trying to take over the show. 

“I’m thrilled to have you here all week, but the monologue is mine,” Corden said. Mendes goes on to explain that he wants to do a “Shawn-ologue” instead. When Corden refuses, Mendes changes the sign that reads “The Late Late Show” to “The Late Late Shawn.”

After the monologue, Mendes joined guests Mandy Patinkin and Lucy Liu on the couch to talk about his new album and how it straddles multiple genres. 

“In the studio, I wanted to make a rock song and then I wanted to make an R&B song,” Mendes said. “I realized if you truly love what you make and the conviction is there, it all sounds cohesive.”

Corden teased him for naming his album after himself and even offered him alternative titles like Be-shawn-cey,and It’s Raining Men-des.

The late-night host didn’t stop teasing him there. He goes on to explain that Mendes went through puberty in the public eye. To prove it, Corden cut together a highlight video of times Mendes’ voice cracked on stage.

“Puberty,” the musician laughed. “It’s a weird thing.”

Mendes closed out the show, singing “Lost in Japan” off his new album — and his voice didn’t crack once!

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