I got to puppy-sit the cutest dog in the world!!!

Oh. My. God.  Lookit this dog!  He stayed with me for 2 days, and even though he’s TOTALLY CRAZY, I fell in love with him.  Here’s a list of things he ate:

  1. A table leg
  2. A cat toy
  3. Wood from the back yard
  4. Old bits of who knows what that was near the bbq
  5. Two hairballs.  🙁
  6. The fuzz off a tennis ball
  7. A piece of carrot that I dropped while cooking.
  8. Cat food
  9. A rock
  10. A cardboard Happy Birthday sign.

He also TRIED to eat my shoe – while I was wearing it.  5 different socks. The carpet.  His leash. The curtain.

So, like I said, he’s crazy, but I love him so much!  Don’t necessarily want him to stay with me again, but I hope more visits and updated pictures will be coming soon!


Stacey K.