Gravitational Waves Explained!

This week scientists were finally able to confirm the existence of gravitational waves, which is HUGE news if you know science! But if you're NOT a scientist (like us) but want to know why this is such a massive advancement for how …

Help Out and Be on the Radio!

SK&J Review

Do you listen to Stacey K & Jonah in the morning? Tell us about it!

Do you love Stacey's corny jokes? Do you NEVER miss a 7 at 755? Or maybe you think Jonah should calm down with his weird

Controversial Super Bowl Ad

This local anti-heroin PSA ran in St. Louis during the Super Bowl. Super-serious topic, but many are saying the tone is odd, to say the least. Check it out below:



Courtney’s Experience at LaserVue Eye Center!

LaserVue Banner

Check out Courtney's experience at LaserVue Eye Center HERE!

Crane Collapse in NYC


A huge crane just collapsed in downtown New York City. Click HERE for the full story and video. …

Here’s How a Caucus Works!

Confused about all this caucus talk? Let Legos explain it!

The Big Game Hook Up

Big Game Hookup Web

Good luck to everyone who entered to win the Big Game Hook Up!

The biggest Sunday in sports is right around the corner and we wanted to hook you up BIG!

We're talking THREE pizzas, TWO orders of wings, and

Join the Hot 1017 Text Club

Text Club 2014 PAGE

Get ahead of the game by joining the Hot 1017 Text Club! Win prizes, get awesome deals, and receive artist and ticket info before anyone else!


Just text 1017 to 68683…